We need protection from big business

There have been a lot of issues that have come up for a while politically, but one issue has been plaguing the nation for ages without anything done about it.

What I am talking about is of course, fraud. You see it every day. Big advertisements promising one thing, while illegibly small print says something to the effect of ‘not really’ and its legal. Scammers use legal loopholes all the time to get away with ripping off honest Americans on a daily basis. There are even websites dedicated to listing and debunking scams because the government is too busy swallowing up lobbyist cash to protect our people from people clearly doing wrong.

Even professional companies aren’t above this treachery. Two months ago, I decided to pay off my bestbuy card completely. I selected the ‘pay balance’ option, and paid it off. Then the credit company decided to add a fake balance to my account claiming ‘interest’ despite my balance being 0, which I later understood as one of their Sales Promotion schemes. They absolutely refuse to correct it, though its quite obvious that if they can charge interest on the previous month’s balance, that means they can put you in an indefinite loop of paying off tiny interest payments for the rest of your life as each new month gives you a small additional balance.

I got some free legal consultation, and I was told that what they were doing was illegal, but since it was only 50 dollars, its not worth doing anything about. Yeah, its not worth thousands of dollars in court fees to fight 50 dollars. But what if they’ve done this to a hundred people this month? they’d earn five thousand dollars and not one of those hundred people could afford to do anything about it.

That is why, I believe a new law should be instated. Well two really, First. If an advertisement is found to be deliberately misleading, or a service is designed in such a way that it is excessively difficult for a customer to terminate their account, the company must pay each victim ten times the amount that was taken in this way.

Second, if there is a dispute between a customer and a billing company of any sort, and the billing company refuses to correct it, when taken to court, if the billing company is found to be in the wrong, they must pay no less than one hundred thousand dollars in addition to correcting the bill to the right amount.

That will make it worth going after scumbags who make a bonus living off of scamming people. And really, the government has no reason not to make these kinds of changes, it protects the people, and only harms those who engage willingly in crime.

And if there is any doubt left, let me ask this: Why does big business need laws to protect it’s self from common people with penalties in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for wrongs such as downloading a song, but common people get practically no protection from big business?

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