Why aren’t we represented?

So, I’m reading that SOPA is likely to pass because the majority of the officials who will be voting on it support it. Meanwhile, 21k domains are shut down from Go Daddy just because they supported SOPA.

Meanwhile nearly the entire internet, and every major site from facebook to youtube is screaming on the top of their lungs for this to be shut down. Meanwhile boycotts are going strong and what do we hear from congress?

“We are debating the Stop Online Piracy act and Sheila Jackson has so bored me that I’m killing time surfing the internet”

What? Really? He doesn’t even care about the bill he’s voting on. Is THIS our fate? Are we doomed to be tyrannized by a faceless group of snobs who do NOT EVEN CARE what the people of America thinks?

If SOPA passes, then it will be proof that our government has completely failed. It will be proof that our so called leaders are nothing more than crooks manipulating the system for their own gains regardless of who is hurt in the process.

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