Why I hope the iPhone will lose to the Android

Now, a lot of mac users defend their choice of computer with the rabid intensity of the most violent of fan boys. Many insist Apple is vastly superior to Microsoft because of a lower number of viruses and ease of use. Now, I do not own a Mac, so I can’t say if the Mac has improved since the last time I’d been cursed to use one, but I do have an iPhone and boy is this thing a waste of space!

So, I don’t use my phone for much; sometimes I call people, occasionally I play a game or two on it. So, up til now I never paid much mind to it’s quirks. Today however, I finally decided to update a game that I’d bought since the update promised that the game would function now. I thought I’d retell my experience exactly as it happened.

First off; I went into the app store, where it was announcing the updates, and clicked the update tab. I waited a while for that page to load up and clicked on the game I wanted to update, and waited for that page to load. I pressed update and it asked me my password. I entered it and it said my account was locked.

It then brings up a page to tell me I need to reset my password because it expired. I first have to confirm my birth date, then security question, then I am told I have to come up with an 8+ digit password with at least 1 number and 2 letters, with one letter at being capital and one being lower cased. I type one in, and get an error that says that I already used that password at some point in the last year and I need a different one. So, I chose a new password that I’ve never used before and that I probably won’t remember next time I need it.

That out of the way I reopen the app store, and wait for it to load up; thankfully it saved the page i was on. I clicked update. It asked for my password, I type it in, then it tells me that I need to confirm my billing info despite that i was not BUYING anything! I look it over, confirm it’s still accurate, then go back to the app store and reload the page.

I click on update, and it tells me the terms of service have changed. so, I have to go to the terms of service, to accept; and it of course closes out the app store so i have to re-open it AGAIN and click update. It then tells me that I need to connect to iTunes to download the update.

When, I get home, I put my phone on the charger, and wait for iTunes to barge in and make a big deal, and nearly crash my computer like it usually does every single freaking time I plug my phone in to charge… and nothing happens. the ONE time I actually want iTunes to open it doesn’t!! Its like my phone said to my computer ‘hey, guy’s tryin to run updates, don’t bother opening’

So, I head into the start menu and search around until I find iTunes, I click on it, and it won’t open. Turns out, iTunes was already open but had shut down without closing it’s self. I had to manually close it with the task manager then re-open it.

As soon as it opens it growls at me and reminds me again that it is unaware of these strange programs on my phone and tells me if I don’t transfer them to it, it will delete them. I say ‘transfer’ to which it replies ‘I’m not authorized’ like hell you aren’t authorized i authorized you three times already! But i knew this was going to happen; we have this exchange every day. I just have to try to transfer so it won’t delete my purchases.

This is because I used to use a different computer before this one; and although I use the same account name on this computer as the previous one, this one refuses to recognize any programs purchased before I moved to this computer.

I go to the apps and download the updates. but then I find my phone is still not updated! Wondering why i go into the update page and click update; and it tells me to connect to iTunes BUT IT ALREADY IS CONNECTED TO ITUNES! I go into the phone panel of itunes, and to it’s apps section and find out, that the only way to update my programs is to sync to the computer, and delete everything from my phone that isn’t on this computer’s iTunes.

Yeah, I have to delete programs I paid Apple to purchase on the iTunes store, or I won’t be allowed to update any of my free apps, or buy any new apps. Screw you Apple. Screw. You.

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