Why it makes sense for George Zimmerman to be innocent

You know, its amazing how when the black community is outraged justice and the law should be put on the back-burner so a lynch mob can form. Here’s the thing. It is quite possible that Zimmerman is innocent.

That is not to say he isn’t an idiot. However, as we ALL know, being an idiot is not a crime. Lets look at the facts shall we?

First of all, lets look at the fight.

Zimmerman is a 28 year old man, while Travon is a 17 year old teenager. Travon is depicted as a sweet innocent perfect child who would never do anything violent or bad in any way.

So how the hell does Trayvon get the winning edge in this fight? There is only one way; Travon isn’t a sweet innocent flower that media and his parents would have you believe. What he lacks in size must be made up for in skill. How do you get skill in fighting? well, if you don’t take a martial arts class, you have to get it BY FIGHTING.

Next, lets look at how distorted the evidence is. The 911 call shows clear blatant racial bias, because Zimmerman said without provocation that it was a black guy he was following.

Then it turned out that the news studio deliberately edited the video to remove the fact that the 911 dispatcher ASKED specifically for the race of the person in question. Why would a news studio need to edit that out? There is no good reason, and the only bad reason would be if they wanted to interfere with justice by enraging the public for ratings.

Lets hit this thing with Occam’s razor next. Now what, you may ask, is Occam’s razor. Well, Occam’s razor is a saying that out of any set of situations, the simplest is usually the most accurate. We need to make some assumptions about the character of Zimmerman.

So, if he did shoot Trayvon in cold blood, which would be murder, his personality would have to be hateful. So hateful, that he is unable to restrain himself from acting violently when the urge takes him.

So, the question is; why was he beaten and bloodied? if you have a gun, and you are going to kill someone, you do not start a fist fight. Occam’s razor would have to cut this. In order to believably be an act of hate, Zimmerman would have to have a calculating mind, one that cooly determined that he needed to start a fight with Travon, lose the fight, get enough injuries to claim he was defending himself, then still be able to draw his gun and shoot.

How many REAL killers do you know of that are like this? Who do we think this guy is? Hannibal Lector?

Now, what if we assign a more reasonable personality; lets say, an over zealous neighborhood watch member. While the dispatcher did say not to follow Travon, Zimmerman’s response wasn’t ‘but he’s BLACK’ it was ‘they always get away’ this implies that maybe he’s made reports before that have ended up with a criminal escaping because the police wouldn’t show up.

Occam’s razor wouldn’t touch that. His motivations make perfect sense and it isn’t overly complicated or twisted.

Let’s look at Trayvon’s personality.

If he is a sweet innocent kid with absolutely nothing bad about him, when put into a situation of a fight, why did he attack repeatedly? What causes him to decide after knocking his attacker to the ground that instead of running away he should grab the man and begin beating him repeatedly against the ground? It does not add up. We have to cut it.

But what if he isn’t so innocent. What if he didn’t like being watched, and got angry. If this is the case, him attacking first; and continuing to attack makes perfect sense.

The problem here is, the situation Zimmerman puts forward is one which you can easily see happening. Trayvon’s supporters would force you to accept that Trayvon has never done anything bad in his life, is a sweet innocent kid who is an expert fighter for absolutely no reason at all, and that Zimmerman is a sick twisted individual who is so manipulative that he would subject himself to a beating willingly just to have an excuse to shoot someone.

Honestly, you should never buy a story that forces you to make this many extraordinary assumptions for no reason other than to appease an outraged group of people.

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  1. John Jones
    Posted April 12, 2012 at 10:54 pm | Permalink

    I just hope Zimmerman can remain strong in the face of this relentless campaign against him. You have a prosecutor now who for political and other calculating reasons who has decided to go for a murder 2 hopes of garnering support for her next election and also to put pressure on George to accept a (quick)plea bargain type deal…knowing that the odds of the State of Florida winning a muder 2 conviction against George in court a remote to say the least.

    George needs to stay strong,to stand his ground by taking this before a judge and/or jury and not taking any kind of plea deal. Let the evidence prove what the truth is so that all men may know.

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