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NASA drops the fireball on Thursday’s Meteor

This last Thursday, a massive fireball lit up the skies. Numerous eye witnesses reported seeing it, with some even claiming to have heard a sonic boom following it. Blogs lit up about it, a security camera caught it, and NASA has said nothing. It is currently mid-monday, and NASA has had the last three and […]

A problem with Undercover Cop Cars

I made a short rant about these undercover cop cars recently. It seems like these guys do little to protect us, and a lot to endanger us.

Supreme Court Decision

So apparently, the supreme court made their decision on the Affordable care Act last week. It was an interesting decision to be sure. Apparently, they have decided to call upon the law of equivalent exchange I assume to be from Full Metal Alchemist. Long story short; they have decided Tax and Penalty mean the same […]

More right restrictions for the free nation

Restricting rights rant I decided to just go ahead and make a video on this, which is in the link above. Basically, I’m sick of idiots restricting freedom in America for no reason other than to hurt people they don’t like or agree with.

How to not fail horribly at a fundraiser

A few days ago, I witnessed a car wash that was incredibly horrible. It was bad enough that I decided against going to the store they were in front of, despite the fact that going to that store was the whole point of my trip. I turned around and went to another store. So now, […]

We need protection from big business

There have been a lot of issues that have come up for a while politically, but one issue has been plaguing the nation for ages without anything done about it. What I am talking about is of course, fraud. You see it every day. Big advertisements promising one thing, while illegibly small print says something […]

Screw the Greater Good

I hate the greater good. Not because I don’t like things that are great, or good, but because the so called ‘greater good’ is nowadays little more than an excuse to do something that is wrong. Its the argument that Obamacare is riding on largely. “Is it so much to ask that you buy your […]

Comercial idiocies

This is something that bothers me a good bit. Stupid commercials. I am not talking about just ‘commercials are stupid’ in general, I mean really stupid, logic defying, or just plain annoying commercials in general. If your commercial is annoying, its not going to make people want to buy your product! I have three commercials […]

City of Scam, Texas

I’ve lived in Orange Texas for a bit over 2 years now, and in this time I’ve had no less than 4 instances where the City has claimed I failed to pay my water bill when I was absolutely certain that I had. I stopped paying with cash, and began hording receipts, and strangely the […]

Corruption in the distribution industry

I think paying more and more attention to the level of corruption surrounding us has started to get me a bit depressed; as its difficult to focus on my more entertaining topics when I see big businesses that should be fading into non existence because we no longer need them fighting to stop progress instead […]

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