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New Tiles

Got a small update here, worked out some nature tiles for outdoor areas in a top-down game. Probably going to make an adventure game sooner or later. When I’ve built up a supply of tiles and character models anyways.

Still working on it…

I have a few more models finished on the game. I’m looking forward to putting this game together; but I need to finish enough models that they don’t get redundant between levels. here are a few more.

Tirelessly working to bring you mediocre graphics

My game design work has been going very slowly due to my limited skill at producing artwork. Sure, I can draw the occasional picture on a good day, but drawing several similar pictures in different poses, not so easy. I’ve mentioned before that I have been working with 3D modeling to help with this difficulty; […]

Killbot in Candyland 6

I am beginning assembly of the game now. It will probably be a few variations before I get it complete. At the moment i have at least gotten a screenshot of approximately what it will look like put together (though without a UI at the moment)

Killbot in Candyland 5

Continuing my work, here are a your delicious enemies!

Killbot in Candyland

I am continuing working on the artwork for Killbot. I now have each of the core animations done; a couple may look odd, specifically the missile and flying animations, as they will be accompanied by other ingame elements to complete the visual effect.

Killbot In Candyland 3

I am making further progress on the killbot. The first running animation is finished; though it is still rough, I will need to smooth it up a bit more before the finished game. This is what it is looking like so far though:

Killbot In Candyland 2

I’ve continued to work on the model today; and as it turns out, when rendering to a size small enough to use as a sprite, it pixelates a lot. Still, it is not a major problem, as it pixelates in a way similar to super Nintendo graphics would. Still, I am trying to minimize the […]

Killbot In Candyland

Almost tempted to pull a Mortal Kombat and have the C in candyland a K. Changing the letter in killbot wouldn’t make sense since it would change the sound. Regardless, Undaunted by the limited success of my last game, I am pushing forward, using a new technique for making my art. Combining my practice in […]

Reworking on Reconstruction 2

Please note that the drawing is automatically resized; which makes it look weird. If you click on it you can see it at it’s proper proportions. My work with drawing continues. I have all the buildings and the main character redrawn and am now working on a title screen that is a bit better than […]

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