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In Distress: Playable Demo

I have been silent for a while now. But I have not been asleep this whole time. A few days ago, I finally finished a small playable concept demo for the game. There is not much yet, but I am planning to expand the demo to include several rooms and the introduction of at least […]

New Project: Slayer Inc.

Just a working title, as usual. While Bob the Archaeologist is up on FGL, I decided to start working on another new game. This one will be about a young monster hunter, making a business out of slaying troublesome beasts. As you earn money, you will be able to purchase upgrades to your character and […]

More Genie images

Got the three main poses done for the main character of the game. Full sized the thick lines don’t look good at all; but I noticed that shrinking them down to usable size for in the game, the thicker lines actually are about the right size that they can be seen without issues.

Genie to the Rescue

I’m beginning work on my next game, in which you play as a genie bound by wish to save the world. I am going to likely have a lot of work ahead of me to get the artwork looking good enough. The image I have posted is a first draft of the main character.

Worst party ever

The players sat around the table, as the GM set up his reference shield and sorted his papers. Once everybody had settled down, he requested that they pass him a copy of their character sheets so he could begin the game. DM: You are each standing in the church hall, the high priestess is there […]

Hopper 5

“What do you mean we aren’t searching for him?” shouted Val, as he slammed a hand onto the desk. He was a slim, tall man with short white hair, his shoulder width was exaggerated slightly by the long red duster he wore. Under the jacket, he wore a plain gray shirt, and black pants, with […]

Unstoppable Lance 2

Lance ran about two blocks before seeing what the source of the commotion was. Three gang members were surrounding a single lady to mug her. He kept quiet until he got closer; in order to avoid spooking them away before he could catch them. He walked up behind the men, signalling to the lady to […]

Dream Journal 2

We were having a meeting. Our station was almost entirely compromised. Mind controlling aliens had been taking over crew members left and right, and they were spreading like wildfire. Once again, the representative from Earth urged us to sign over control of the station to him so that if the rest of us were compromised […]

Minecraft: a survivor’s story

Just posted a new video on youtube; possibly a series. It’s a minecraft lets play done entirely in character. The link to the video is below. A survivor\'s story

The Dream Journal 1

So, Sometimes I have dreams that are strangely story like, or seem interesting enough on their own merit that someone could conceivably be as interested in reading them as any of the random stories I write. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is yet to be determined. I was investigating a […]

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