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Animal Crossing’s Dark Secret

I finished the second part of a mini-series delving into Animal Crossing’s dark secret story. Its all just a theory, but hopefully one that might be a bit entertaining.

A TouHou parody idea

Not intending a rip off of the series or it’s story of course, I just found it fun imagining how things would play out in a more mundane setting featuring crazy shooter based combat between random people in a town. The game would start with Dart, the main character, who has recently moved to a […]

Incredible Greg: The one thousand dollar trap

Incredible Greg Last week I had this idea for a parody video, unfortunately basically everything that could have gone wrong with the design process did go wrong. The sound files from the voice acting wouldn’t load into flash, so I had to animate blindly and then cut it together in a video editor. All of […]

The Misadventures of Minecraft Bob: Pistons and Trolls

Had an interesting idea for a video yesterday, and spent pretty much half my day building a set to record it in. Then a sheep blew it up. No joke. After another hour of repairs, I finally finished off the video in Windows movie maker because my new computer doesn’t have a good video editor […]

Insane review: Super Mario Bros Movie

You know, The Super Mario Brothers Movie is a catastrophic bomb. At my age when it came out, I barely understood what made it so bad.. though not knowing beforehand that it was actually about mario, the parts I saw between chores did not seem too bad. With this thinking, I have recently started to […]

Zombie Night

Dreaded night, horrid night All is lost, zombies rise Rounds of ammo stored and piled Weapons gathered heavy and mild Zombies burn for peace Zombies burn for peace Deadly night, terrible night Undeads moan at your sight Bullets stream from turrets afar Tell the ghasts Hasta la vista! Molotovs make zombies burn Molotovs make zombies […]

Flash video: The end of Hyrule

I finished the previously mentioned flash video, and it has passed at newgrounds with over 3 points when it left the evaluation period. That’s a personal best, I even got the green coloration in the portal which was really nice so get. The video will be up on the site tomorrow, when I can get […]

Interview with Santa Clause

Me: So as the Christmas season gets close to hitting the big day, I’ve gotten and interview with the big man himself; Santa Clause. I wanted to talk with him about some of the things going around about him that may be.. less than true. Santa: Indeed, some comedian a while back decided it would […]

Fail updates that I failed to post about.

Made a fail comic a couple days ago, and posted it to the main site, and one today. I realized however, that I failed to make a blog post about it. Without further adieu.. if that’s how it is spelt..

Fail update

Got a new Fail comic up, though it appears on the front page, I found that if the site is still stored in your cache it will still show the old comic instead. Refreshing your browser will cause that to fix it’s self. Anyways, if you are already here then it makes much more sense […]

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