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Makario 1

After hearing the Game Grumps mention that someone should make a fan game with Makar dressed like Mario, I had to do it. So far, I’ve spent roughly a two weeks working on it and it is coming along fairly well. In order to capture the feel of the Zelda games, Mario games, and Makar’s […]

Bob the Archaeologist 2 published

Unfortunately, I was not able to get a sponsor on FGL. It was not a completely wasted effort, as I did get feedback that improved the game, but after over a week without any new views and most of a month without bids I decided to stop bidding and publish. So far, it has mostly […]

New Project: Slayer Inc.

Just a working title, as usual. While Bob the Archaeologist is up on FGL, I decided to start working on another new game. This one will be about a young monster hunter, making a business out of slaying troublesome beasts. As you earn money, you will be able to purchase upgrades to your character and […]

Ultra Mega Shooter Dude Released

I finished Ultra Mega Shooter Dude yesterday, and it passed judgement at newgrounds. Its score isn’t as good as my other games, likely due to my having to cut it short to meet the deadline. Technically the deadline is still about 3 days away, but with my wrist being sore I figured that I would […]

Ultra Mega Shooter Dude Pt 2

Continuing progress on Ultra Mega Shooter Dude, with one kind of enemy designed and a sample concept image using the character and enemy in action. The first enemy is an airborn robot, which is modeled after wasps. Because I hate wasps.

Ultra Mega Shooter Dude

So for the upcoming Stencyl Jam, I have started working on an over the top silly Run ‘n Gun style game. Robots are attacking all the major cities of the world, and it is up to the hero, Ultra Mega Shooter Dude to set things right. With violence. Lots, and lots of violence.

Bob the Archaeologist 2, halfway there.

Progress has been going slowly, but steadily on the new game. Since the last posting, I’ve reached 14 levels, got most of the narrator lines recorded, and several unlockable journal entries written. The first page is unlocked at the start, and recaps briefly the end of the last game. As you collect more coins, and […]

Further Developments on Bob the Archaeologist 2

I have been making progress on the new game, though I have forgotten to make a post about it for a little while. The sarcastic death narrator now has about 10 lines, between falling and spikes. Since I’ve added new hazards of fireballs and lava there will be some lines for those deaths as well. […]

Bob the Archaeologist 2

Bob the Archaeologist was the first game I’d made that was somewhat successful. It went somewhat viral, and accumulated about a million and a half plays. Since then I’ve gotten better at game design, and made another platformer, Sapphire Slime, which also got a bit over two million vies. None of the other genres I’ve […]

Rebooting.. apparently.

So, I just upgraded to Stencyl 3.0 as it fixes some of the lag issues that I have had in my games when too much is happening at once. Unfortunately, it seems a lot of bugs occur when trying to update games started in 2.2 into 3.0. So, I’m going to be set back on […]

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