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Weegee Board

Not really much to say about this.. someone was talking about Ouija boards and videogames. Due to phonetics, this popped in my head and I had to make it. I’m betting the joke must have been done before by now..

DnD: Laugh to death.

As it often occurs during a dungeons and dragons game, players telling nothing but Monty Python jokes for half the campaign bog down the story’s progress to the point where something must be done about it. For Jeff, that point was now. Setting up the pieces on the table for the new adventure he explained […]

Unfortunate truth about railroad switches

Have you ever watched a movie, or television show, where a train is coming down the tracks, and is about to hit one of the major characters. Its getting closer and closer, and at the very last moment, the hero manages to flip the switch, sending the train down the other set of tracks and […]

Insane review: Super Mario Bros Movie

You know, The Super Mario Brothers Movie is a catastrophic bomb. At my age when it came out, I barely understood what made it so bad.. though not knowing beforehand that it was actually about mario, the parts I saw between chores did not seem too bad. With this thinking, I have recently started to […]

Damn Spies

Finished a new drawing; TF2 based.

Strip Slaying

Have you ever seen a panel, or group of panels in a comic that just scream to you something else? Well, changing the words in the speech bubbles is apparently a thing. Not sure if it started there, or if it’s just the first place I’ve seen it, but the people over at have just […]

Zombie Night

Dreaded night, horrid night All is lost, zombies rise Rounds of ammo stored and piled Weapons gathered heavy and mild Zombies burn for peace Zombies burn for peace Deadly night, terrible night Undeads moan at your sight Bullets stream from turrets afar Tell the ghasts Hasta la vista! Molotovs make zombies burn Molotovs make zombies […]

Mighty fine print

I’ve started watching a little more television, which means more commercials. I can’t help but notice that the fine print on some commercials is rather.. amusing? Hypocritical? We Tod Edd? Ok that last one was a horrible, horrible aqua team reference. But still not as horrible as some of the commercials I’ve seen though. Here’s […]

Flash video: The end of Hyrule

I finished the previously mentioned flash video, and it has passed at newgrounds with over 3 points when it left the evaluation period. That’s a personal best, I even got the green coloration in the portal which was really nice so get. The video will be up on the site tomorrow, when I can get […]

Interview with Santa Clause

Me: So as the Christmas season gets close to hitting the big day, I’ve gotten and interview with the big man himself; Santa Clause. I wanted to talk with him about some of the things going around about him that may be.. less than true. Santa: Indeed, some comedian a while back decided it would […]

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