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In Distress: Post 3

One of the features of the game that I am going to be focusing on are dynamic game overs. This is something I did on Bob the Archaeologist a while back, where the narrator would have various lines he would say upon Bob’s death. Usually making fun of him. Rather than being a mocking narrator […]

Fire Everywhere! 1

I’ve been working most of this month on a puzzle platformer that I am currently calling “Fire Everywhere!”. In this game your objective is to rescue people from each burning room, and get out alive. This one is actually giving me more trouble than usual with level design. Being able to jetpack around with a […]

Makario 1

After hearing the Game Grumps mention that someone should make a fan game with Makar dressed like Mario, I had to do it. So far, I’ve spent roughly a two weeks working on it and it is coming along fairly well. In order to capture the feel of the Zelda games, Mario games, and Makar’s […]

Bob the Archaeologist 2

Bob the Archaeologist was the first game I’d made that was somewhat successful. It went somewhat viral, and accumulated about a million and a half plays. Since then I’ve gotten better at game design, and made another platformer, Sapphire Slime, which also got a bit over two million vies. None of the other genres I’ve […]

Confectionery Guardian Epic

I just finished my new game, Confectionery Guardian Epic. It is a Candy Jam game where you play as a bipedal upgradeable robot defending the candy stands from King Candy’s army of candy soldiers. You can play the game here:

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