Free speech? Whats that?

I’ve noticed the most unusual trend with free speech lately. If it is being used for evil, it is protected. While if it accidentally offends someone it becomes a heinous crime.

Example: The Phelps family would go to the funerals of our fallen soldiers and slander them. Calling them gay supporters, or whatever insults they could come up with. Without even knowing anything about the person aside from that they were in the army!

Yet, they cannot be told not to, or stopped because that would interfere with free speech.

On the other side of the coin, you have the video game industry which is told that somehow it does not have the right to free speech. While movies can have an amount of core suitable for ages Eldritch and up, and random shower/sex scenes that make you question how it managed to remain ‘pg-13’ if video games show too much cleavage, or has someone get shot realistically people get up in arms over it.

Seriously? Is this where our nation’s priorities lie? I didn’t even hear about the Phelps family until maybe a few months ago, long after they started, but many games I only hear about because some group is offended enough to make the top news on MSN and Yahoo.

EA games recently had an issue with some jerks at home who felt it was their responsibility to speak FOR our troops when complaining about having the option to play as a Taliban, in the MULTIPLAYER mode. Think about this a sec; multiplayer has no story. Its not like you get a Taliban campaign, nor are you required to play Taliban to complete the game.

Its like Cowboys and Indians, Cops and Robbers, Good guy Bad guy, Red VS Blue. People can hold reenactments of wars, make movies about wars, and SOMEBODY has to be the badguy. I’ve never heard anybody throw a wild fit because somebody actually had to play a Nazi in a WWII film.

Now, these families feel that somehow they have the right to speak on behalf of soldiers who are either unable to give their opinion because they are across seas, or dead. Well, they are wrong. I was room mates with somebody who is in the army, and from his behavior, and that of his friends, I can tell you, the army is not filled with fluff bunnies who will curl up and die at the slightest accidental bit of offensive material.

There are a good number of soldiers who do become traumatized after war, but this won’t offend them either because they shouldn’t be playing the game at all, as it could trigger PTSD, and so they shouldn’t have an opportunity to be offended by it unless you stuck the war related material into his face like an insensitive jerk.

So, all things considered, maybe we should rethink our priorities? Is this game more insensitive to our soldiers and their families than the Phelps family is? Freedom of speech is what makes this country unique, so why doesn’t everybody have it yet?

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